MPPSC Mock Test Paper 10

mppsc mock test paper 10

Hi Friends, On this page, you can solve MPPSC Mock Test Paper 10 under our Free MPPSC Mock Test Series for MPPSC 2020.

This test contains 100 MCQs of Current Affairs from last year.

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Paper : MPPSC Mock Test Paper-10
For : MPPSC Prelims 2020
Language : English / Hindi
Time : 2 Hours
Question : 100 MCQs
Subject : Current Affairs Mock Test
Description : Full-Length CA Test, Based on MPPSC Syllabus.
Updated on : 18 April 2021

While solving, this paper If you face any issue or if there is any wrong question/answers, please let us know by comment section or by Whatsapp.

Let’s solve this test!

Mock Test Paper 10

You can solve this test any number of times.

So, Let’s Go !

Rules :

  1. Total Questions : 100
  2. Total Duration   : 2 Hour
  3. Each Question carries 1 mark, with No Negative Marking.
  4. You can check the result after submitting all answers.
  5. Click on the button ‘START TEST‘. If the test does not start, please refresh the page 2-3 times.
  6. Have any problem with question or Test, contact us on
  7. You can see all answers, by clicking View Answer, after submitting the test.

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  1. Shailendra Singh says: Reply

    Mahila saansad 79 hai I think. Aapke is questions me right nearest option 78 diya hai. Pls confirm not correct.

    1. Team MPPSC Club says: Reply

      There are 78 only. Please recheck from your side. If you still have doubt, quote your source in the comment.

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