MPPSC GK & Current Affairs Mini Mock Test 92

Here is MPPSC GK & Current Affairs Mini Mock Test. Keep solving it daily !

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Test: MPPSC GK & Current Affairs Mini Mock Test 92
Added On: 15-Nov-2019
Questions: 10
Time: 5 Min

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MPPSC MAINS Writing Practice

So, we are again starting MPPSC MAINS Writing Practice series. In this series, we will post daily one question . Write whatever you know, because that will boost your writing practice. If you know nothing, read answers given by other aspirants, that will help you to gain knowledge. But try to participate in this as much as possible, this will surely help you a lot.

So, lets start this ;

Instructions :

  • You can write answer either in Hindi or English in the comment section.
  • This is the short answer type or 3 Marker questions, so write answer only in 1-2 lines.

#Q: हरिशंकर परसाई / Harishankar Parsai

Write your answer in the comment section !

Now, Let’s Solve Daily Test !

We have now reduced the test time to just 5 minutes. If you face any problem, then tell us through the comment section. After solving the test, please give Feedback in the comment section or fill this form.

This test is available in both Hindi and English languages.

So let’s get ready for Daily Dose!

MPPSC Mini Mock Test 92

प्रश्न : 10
भाषा : हिंदी / English
समय : 05 मिनट
नकारात्मक अंक नहीं

चलिए शुरुआत करते है !

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One Reply to “MPPSC GK & Current Affairs Mini Mock Test 92”

  1. SACHIN CHAURASIA says: Reply

    *हरिशंकर परसाई हिंदी के प्रसिद्ध लेखक और व्यंगकार थे। *इनका जन्म जमानी (होशंगाबाद) में हुआ था।
    *इन्होंने व्यंग्य को विधा का दर्जा दिलाया और उसे हल्के–फुल्के मनोरंजन की परंपरागत परिधि से उबारकर समाज के व्यापक प्रश्नों से जोड़ा। 

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