GK & Current Affairs Quiz : September 09, 2018

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Friends, here is Daily MPPSC GK & Current Affairs Quiz for 09th September 2018. In which you will get questions from MPPSC Previous Year Papers, Current Affair MCQs of Madhya Pradesh and INDIA  & Static GK. This test is available in both Hindi and English language on this page.

MPPSC MAINS Writing Practice

We will post daily one question in this series. Write whatever you know, because that will boost your writing practice. If you know nothing, read answers given by other aspirants, that will help you to gain knowledge. But try to participate in this as much as possible, this will surely help you a lot.

So, lets start this 🙂 ;

Instructions :

  • You can write answer either in Hindi or English in the comment section.
  • This is the short answer type or 3 Marker questions, so write answer only in 1-2 lines.
  • आप कमेंट सेक्शन में हिंदी या अंग्रेजी में उत्तर लिख सकते हैं।
  • यह प्रश्न लघु उत्तरीय हैं जिसका उत्तर आपको एक अथवा दो पंक्तियों में ही देना हैं।

Q24 : CFC / सीएफसी

अपना उत्तर कमेंट सेक्शन मे लिखे |

Now Lets’s solve Daily GK Test.

09 Sep 2018 Test - In English

Time : 10 Minutes
Questions : 10
Language : English
Negative Marking : No

Let’s Go !

09 सितंबर 2018 टेस्ट - हिंदी में

प्रश्न : 10
भाषा : हिंदी
समय : 10 मिनट
नकारात्मक अंक नहीं

चलिए शुरुआत करते है !

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If you think, we should increase the number of questions in this series, then please comment your view in comment section.

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4 Replies to “GK & Current Affairs Quiz : September 09, 2018”

  1. Chlorofluorocarbon cf2cl2 also known as freon is basically a gas used as refrigerant, propellant or an aerosol. As it was causing damage to ozone layer its production has been banned under Montreal protocol.

  2. CFC Stands for Chloro-flora Carbon ,It is a kind of gas Responsible for ozone Depletion ,Mostly found in Refrigerators , AIR conditioner etc . Govt of India And Other Contries are in a Step to made free form CFC Gases

  3. CFC. Cloro floro carbon mukhyatah refrigerator me prayokt hone wali yah gas ozone parat ko nukasaan pohchane wali Ghatak gas h.

  4. Questions no 7 me kundaliya bandh agar malwa district me h Rajgarh me nahi karte kindly update sir

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